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New York, NY


NYC Economic Development Corporation,

Hudson Yards Development Corporation


Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc


Starting in 2009 DGA began work on the Master Plan phase of the new Hudson Park and Boulevard, an important new park on Manhattan’s upper west side planned in conjunction with the Hudson Yards development.

As part of the inter-disciplinary team led by MVVA, DGA crafted a comprehensive exterior lighting approach for the many programmatic uses in the park, the signature Boulevard, and for the adjacent side streets.  Entailing coordination with many City agencies, DGA’s design efforts (through construction) also include the lighting design of distinctive new Park structures inclusive of subway entrances as part of the No. 7 Line extension as well as lighting for water features, play areas, a winter ice-skating ribbon, a future skateboard park and the illumination of an iconic sculpture by James Carpenter.  Although under 10 acres overall, Hudson Park forms a sustainable, welcoming oasis that anchors the entire Hudson Yards development area.

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