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Brooklyn, NY


2004 saw the commencement of DGA's role as architectural lighting designer working collaboratively with MVVA to transform 85 acres of Brooklyn's historic pier district into a new waterfront park system. When completed (2021 anticipated), Brooklyn Bridge Park will encompass 1.3 miles of waterfront esplanade meadows, walkways, sports fields, play areas, and installations of public art. Piers 1 and 6 opened in Spring 2010. Mindful of the residential properties that overlook the park, the lighting was designed to preserve nighttime views of Manhattan from the Promenade and beyond. Brooklyn Bridge Park is the first park in the US (if not the world) to utilize metal halide dimming on a park-wide basis. (Original metal halide fixtures have been converted to LED.) Multiple lighting states enhance nighttime activity; lend a sense of moonlight over the Park's vast lawns, transitioning to minimum light for after-hours security, to help the Park remain a "good neighbor" to Brooklyn Heights.


2013 Building Brooklyn Award

2011 AIA NYS Community Development Award

2011 Municipal Art Society Brendan Gill Prize

2011 AIA NY Urban Design Honor Award

2010 SARA NY Medallion of Honor

2010 NY Construction Urban Planning Project of Year

2009 Waterfront Ctr. Honor for Waterfront Plans

2009 ASLA Honor Award: Analysis & Planning


Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corp.


Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

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