Morningside Gardens

Manhattan, NY


Project Type

Housing Facility



Morningside Gardens


Project Scope

DGA commenced work in late 2013 on an 8 month design effort to upgrade site lighting at the Morning Side Gardens cooperative Housing complex 2100 units in Upper Manhattan.DGA’s scope of work at Morningside Gardens’ 9 acre campus includes the development of alternative energy efficient site lighting design strategies to improve nighttime lighting conditions, coordination with CCTV, visual acuity, and perceived safety for parking areas, building entrances, walkways, court yards and playgrounds. As part of our design process extensive computer generated lighting calculation models were developed to help identify the most cost effective and energy efficient lighting solutions while still meeting identified lighting criteria targets and code mandated energy conservation thresholds.Alternative high CRI LED luminaire designs were researched (with an eye towards durability and appearance) and presented to MSG stakeholder groups for review and comment.


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